Note: Our warranty policy below is in regards to out of box of appliances (including used and scratch/dent appliances). New (in-the-box) appliances are subject to the manufacturers' warranty policy, which are typically 1-Year parts & labor warranties. Return policy applies to all products

All purchased washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and dishwashers (herein referred to as “appliances” or “appliance”) are covered under 6 months limited warranty. All major functional appliance parts and labor are covered for six months, taking affect on the date of pickup or delivery. No refunds; Exchanges only. Under certain circumstances refund may be issued minus a 20% restocking fee. er our warranty policy, customers MUST send all service requests by email to UsedApplianceDirect@gmail.com with a subject heading: "Service Request." Please allow 7-14 business days to resolve or address any service request, as to allow time to order necessary parts or replacements. Note that in-home servicing (performed at the customer's home) and repair is available only for appliances located within a 20 mile radius and only for the first 3 months! The remaining 3 months warranty service must be performed at our facility. If the appliance(s) is not within the 20 mile radius, you, the customer, have the option to bring the appliance(s) to one of our servicing locations to have it repaired on site.



In the email, please include the following information so that our technicians can properly diagnose and address the issue(s) ASAP!

  • What is the name on the purchase receipt?
  • Approximate date of purchase? What is the address?
  • Detail description of the issues you are having with your appliance including the symptoms (leaking, no heat etc...).
  • If possible, include pictures (videos less than 2 minutes) of the machine. Also include a picture of the model number...
Note: A technician may reach out to gather more information about the issue. Also note that you can expedite your service repairs by curbside drop-off at the production facility located at: 6345 Hwy 92 Acworth GA 30102