TC Novel

###It was a windy night in September on the back porch of the white
house. It was Cindy’s 21st birthday. We all stood around to watch her blow the 20 white candles with one big pink one to make 21. She had to be fast before the wind blew them out for her. We all wondered what her wish would be. Would it be to graduate with honors next year, to finally meet the man of her dreams, or to just live a better life. We had been friends ever since college began. We all had the same Algebra class. Cindy was the smartest one in this subject. She was always available for tutoring help as needed. Boy how she had helped me out in times of a crunch. Now she was the last of us four girls to turn 21. How time had flown by. It seemed like only yesterday when we were sitting in class for the first day, scared out of our minds. It was Cindy, Carol, Cynthia, and myself, four girls with first names that began with the letter C in one class. How ironic. We had to become friends for this simple coincidence. My name is Cathy. xxx I can still remember the first day I met Cindy. She was the girl that
turned everyone’s head in the Algebra class when she walked in. She was tall, slender with sandy brown hair. It was parted on the left side, and fell on her shoulders in loose curls. A few strands lay just over her brow. Her eyes were green, and seemed to sparkle when she smiled. She wore a Levi Strauss black denim ensemble, short skirt with cropped waist jacket. Under the jacket she had on an emerald green blouse with sparkles that blended with the color of her eyes. Black stacked heels with shoulder strap bag to match completed her snazzy outfit. As she walked in the room she tossed her head back lightly. I had heard through rumor that she was the most popular girl in the school. I could see why. She was very pretty. She glanced around the room for an empty seat. I was sitting toward the back in the third or fourth row. She slid in the seat just to the right of me, and placed her purse under her chair. After a couple of minutes of squirming in her seat and glancing around the room at the other students, she looked at me and said, “Hi, my name is Cindy, what’s yours?” “Mine is Cathy. You can call me Cat, though for short,” I said softly. “I thought this day would never come. I was so excited when I received my letter of acceptance to this university. I’m a country girl here in a big city,” she informed me gleefully. I smiled and said, “That’s cool, where are you from? “ She stated in her heavy southern drawl, “I’m proud to be from Aiken, South Carolina. What part of this big world are you from?” she asked me. “I’m from a little town, too, in Georgia. Waycross. Have you ever heard of it? To tell you the truth I don’t think anyone knows where either of our little cities is on the map,” We both laughed. “Have you heard anything about this class or the teacher? I believe her name is Professor Kluck. We shouldn’t have any trouble remembering that one, especially since we’re both from the South,” I said trying to be humorous. She smiled and I could see that her teeth were pearly white and neatly spaced. “Math has always been my worse subject. I almost didn’t make it through high school I had so much trouble with it,” I stated. “Have no fear, I love Math. I will be glad to help you anytime you need it. The homework is the key. You have to do it whether you want to or not. If you don’t you will get behind, and trust me, it’s hard to catch up they go so fast. My mom told me that college is just like highschool. You just can’t goof off,” Cindy told me. She seemed to be a nice girl. I
was glad that I met her. Maybe Algebra won’t be so bad after all.
Professor Kluck was a petite woman with short gray hair, and a squeaky
voice. As she pranced into the room hugging a portfolio and a bunch of white
sheets of paper the class got quiet. She walked up to the whiteboard and
proceeded to write her name. Under that she wrote the title of the class, College
Algebra 101. She turned and peeked out over her small dark rimmed glasses,
and scanned the room. “Good Morning class. I am Professor Emily Kluck, and
we will be spending an hour everyday learning a subject that you will use for the
rest of your life-Math. It may not seem as though we use it everyday, but you
would be surprised that we do in some form. Before I get started I’d like to call
the roll, and see if everyone who is supposed to be here is here”, she smiled. My
mind drifted for a moment as I listened for my name to be called by Professor
Kluck. “I made it. Here I am in college,” I thought to myself. “I am finally away
from my brother, Mom and Dad, in this big city of Chicago known as “the windy
city” in Illinois. Chicago is said to be famous for its wind. ###It was known that
back in the late 1800’s the Chicago Tribune referred to the city as windy because
of its refreshing lake breezes. This could definitely be true as far as I am
concerned. It seems to be kind of windy everywhere in my opinion. Not only by
the so-called lake. The other referral was around the same year when someone
said that the wind referred to the long-winded politicians. This depiction seems
true as well. I can see this tradition lingered on into the new millennium.
Professor Kluck depicts this to still be alive and true. “Cathy Stevens” she sounds
out. ^^^ After class, Cindy and I exchanged phone numbers. I am not that much
of a talker but, I thought okay, I guess I need to be more sociable. Now, that I
am in college and all. I was never that popular in high school. For a minute I
thought well maybe if I hang around Cindy then I will be noticed a little more.
Well it was off to the next class. This was my favorite subject, Science. As
I walked in the classroom I looked around, and saw nothing but a bunch of nerdy
guys. I thought to myself "am I the only Science loving girl in class?" The teacher
was a tall, well-built, make your heart beat fast kind of guy. Well, I can overlook
all those nerdy guys and grow to love this class, I thought. xxx Just as I found
myself day-dreaming about this gorgeous teacher standing in front of me, the bell
rang signifying it was time to get serious. I almost jumped out of my seat it
alarmed me so. “My gracious that really scared you, didn’t it?” I heard someone
say. Boy was I happy to see that there was another girl in this class besides me.
“Mr. Lynberg. Mr. Robert Lynberg. Isn’t he the bomb! When I was standing in
that long line to register, a bunch of people said to take Mr. Lynberg for Science.
They said he was a great teacher, and most of the girls said he was good-
looking, too. They were so right. You know, I hate science, but I could learn to
live with it just to look at this guy,” she smiled. “Sorry, I forgot to introduce
myself. I am Carol Brown. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. What’s your name?”
“Who me?” I stuttered still in a mild daze. “Oh, sorry, my name is Cathy, Cathy
Stevens, and I’m from a little town in Georgia. You’ve probably never of heard of
Waycross have you? “No I sure haven’t.” What did you say your name was? I’m
bad with names. She said, “Carol Brown.” “Hey, aren’t you in Algebra 101?” Iremember Professor Kluck yelling your name out this morning among all the
others. We smiled. “Yeah, I kind of remember you too. You sat by the girl with the
jean outfit on, didn’t you? “You’re exactly right. That’s Cindy. We just met today,
too. She seems cool, and she loves Math. Algebra is definitely not my strong
subject.” “Mine neither”, she chimed in. ”If she doesn’t remember seeing you in
the Algebra class when we go back to it again, don’t worry I will officially
introduce you guys again,” I said as I patted her arm lightly.
That’s about all we said to each other that first day in the Science class.
Neither of us could take our eyes off of the teacher. He rambled on and on about
the syllabus, the assignments, and the lab tests. I did take a few minutes in
midstream and spot checked the room for my new classmates. Although they
were a bunch of nerdy guys, I wondered whether they would need help with
homework. I knew that this could turn out good for me. I loved Science, and I
was good at it. I used to help my younger brother, Sammy, with his biology
projects when he was in middle school. He’d whine and complain, “Mom, why
can’t I be smart like Cat?” He is a sophomore in high school now, and at times
he still calls me to help him. When he was a little guy, I’d tell him that he just
needed to study more, and I’d reassure him that I wasn’t smarter than him at all.
He’d feel good then, and stick out his chest and grin from ear to ear. This class
would be an easy one for me. Thank goodness, since I was carrying a full load
this semester.
Before I knew it the bell was ringing in my ear again summoning me to go
to the next class, or wherever I had to go. I had about an hour and a half
between classes, so I figured this would be an opportune time to go to the
bookstore to pick up books for my classes. First stop would be the ladies’ room,
and then to the bookstore, which was clear across the campus. I thought about
how beautiful this campus looked on the pictures I looked at on the internet. I
spent hours opening and closing what seemed like hundreds of web sites trying
to find a great college to attend. I knew that you had to send a bunch of
applications out to different universities and pray you got accepted to the one you
desired the most. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to study. I did know that I
wanted to obtain a college education. My parents had drilled the importance of
having an education in my head ever since I was old enough to read. Since both
of my folks were college graduates, it was expected of me to go to college also. I
was looking forward to it. My one thought ever since ninth grade, a freshman at
Long High School in Waycross, was that I wanted to go to college and make my
parents proud. My father, Samuel is a psychologist, and my mother, Carol is a
nurse. My brother Sammy talks about going to law school, especially since he
says he hates science. Upon graduation from high school, my grade point
average was up in the higher range at a 3.9. I had also scored almost 1200 on
my SATs. Grades were not an issue. Location was the issue as far as my
parents were concerned. Since my GPA was exceptional I got a scholarship to
go to any university I wanted to. My parents wanted me to stick close to home,
but I really wanted to get out of the little town of Waycross, Georgia. My dream
was to go to a college in a big city where I could meet new people and live in a
dormitory. I was 18 now, so why couldn’t I finally do what I wanted to do?### The University of Chicago was exactly what the pictures on the
website depicted. It had beautiful landscaping. I loved the open feeling it let off
when arriving at the front gates. The Botanic Garden was one of the reasons I
chose this university. It was originally initiated by President Hugo Sonnenschein
in an effort to establish a formal Botanic Garden on the campus of the University
of Chicago. It is a long-term goal to identify and restore the rich history of
landscape design at the academy. It is a garden full of perennials, shrubs and
trees that are donated from around the world. It is used for studying and is
appreciated by surrounding counties alike. The school itself is situated in a place
called Hyde Park. It is right on Lake Michigan and home to 42,000 people,
including more than 62 percent of the University's faculty and nearly all of its
students. The area was settled in the 1850s as an elegant suburb and is among
the most desirable places to live in the City of Chicago. It is also the site of
renowned museums and architectural landmarks. This is a place for a girl like
me. It is so totally different from Waycross.
Approaching the bathroom I see Carol. “Hey Cathy” she yells. “Hey girl,
where to after this?” “I have one more class for today, History 101. How boring.”
We both agreed. “I have one more too.” Well I have about an hour before it
starts, want to go to the cafeteria to grab a snack?” “Sure.” We travel throughout
the halls and walkways before approaching the large cafeteria. “This is the
coolest school ever huh?” I said. “I love it too Cathy.” “You can call me Cat, I tell
her.” “Well you can call me Carol, she says laughing.” We both got a cappuccino
and a cookie. XxxThere wasn’t much time left before the next class, and I still
had to purchase books from the bookstore. I asked Carol whether she had
bought her books yet, and she said she had a couple more to get. So we both
scuttled off to locate the bookstore. Since Carol wasn’t as shy as I was, and we
didn’t want to be late for our next class, she opted to ask for directions from a
couple of students on the campus walkway. We were pleased to find out that it
was just a five-minute walk on the other side of the cafeteria. Carol and I
hurriedly searched for the bookstore. As we arrived I saw a man standing
outside the front door. I said, “Are you getting ready to close? Can we please
grab a few books before the next class begins? We know which ones we need.”
As he put the key in the glass door, he hesitantly sighed, “I guess so, but please
hurry.” I already had my list, so all I had to do was pick them up. Carol went to
the aisle with the Math books, and I pranced off to find my Science books, which
was two, a hardcover and a lab project notebook. It seemed that the cost of the
books were expensive. I was glad that I had the funds from the scholarship to
cover most of the cost. My parents both worked and could afford to put me
through college, but soon my brother would graduate from high school, and
pursue his dream of becoming an attorney. Law school was probably going to
cost even more than this fancy university I was attending. Ultimately, my parents
would be thrilled with our success, and very proud of us. That is all that mattered
to me. I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. It was Cindy. “Hi, Cat. I see you’re in
here trying to get books between classes, too. I thought I’d better come now
before all the used ones are gone. You know they are a little cheaper than the
new ones. What’s the sense in spending money on books when you can spendit on pretty clothes? I love clothes,” she said cheerfully. Just as I was getting
ready to comment on Cindy’s statement, Carol strode over and stood beside me.
I didn’t hesitate to introduce them. “Carol this is Cindy. You remember? She’s in
our Algebra class. She sat right next to me.” “Of course I remember you. You
had on a jean outfit. I thought it looked really cool. It’s nice to see you again,”
Carol said. “Have you two got another class to go to? Cause I think it’s almost
time to be there,” Cindy exclaimed. “We don’t want to be late on the first day,
now do we,” I said racing for the counter to pay for the books.
^^^ Cindy and Carol seemed to hit it off good. I kind of had that feeling. I
asked them what they were doing that evening and if they knew of any good
restaurants. At the same time both of them replied "Wednesday's." It's a small
hole in the wall place, but they have the best French fries ever... “So do you girls
want to meet up there tonight?" I asked. Sure they said. What time? We all
agreed on 6:30PM. Everyone made sure to get home and cell numbers before
we were off. Here we go, off to the next and final class. This would be the easy
class I thought. Physical fitness! I loved to work out so this would be a breeze.
As I walked into the gym I started thinking, "I can't believe I have made friends so
fast." Well, how could I know that these girls were actually going to be my
friends? It was just something inside of me telling me that. It wasn't just
something, it was God. He knows what is best for me and he knows what I like,
so he sent them my way. "Thank you, Lord, just thought that I would say a small
prayer for my new friends."
This class is also where I met Cynthia. She was neither skinny nor
overweight, either. On the first day of this class we all sat down and introduced
ourselves. Finally, it was my turn. I just wanted to get this over with I thought (I
really don't like talking in front of a crowd). "Hi, my name is Cathy and I am from
Waycross, Ga. This is my first day here, and I am having a really good time so
far. “Just as I was about to sit down Cynthia yelled out "don't you have Algebra
with Professor Kluck?" I said yes, yes I do. The gym teacher said, “Okay girls
you two can talk after class.” This teacher was a very broad, heavy voiced
woman. Everyone thought that she was homosexual, but come to find out she
wasn't. The guy sitting next to me said, "I feel for her husband". We both
###”Well class, today is the first day of the rest of your life. I say this
because physical fitness will carry you on throughout your entire life, at least if
you let it. Don’t let this frame of mine fool you; I am in the best shape of my life.”
We all were looking at this teacher as if to say, “Yeah right. I don’t think so.” She
continued with her syllabus for the rest of the half hour we were in this class.
Cynthia kept peeking at me smirking at the way the teacher, Ms. Buff, looked.
Her name definitely fit her. After P.E. ended, Cynthia hurried up with her books
and met me at the door. We laughed quietly at the way this hour had went and
continued out into the hallway. “I can not believe the way she looks, at least for a
physical ed instructor. And that name!” Oh well, there is a job and a place for
everyone I guess. How is your first day at U.C. going? I am now done for today.
It has been a challenging and positive day. I have already met 3 new friends, and
all of them have names that start with the letter “C”, I smiled. Isn’t that acoincidence?” “Well, I have also enjoyed my classes today, she said. I have not
exactly met the other “C” girls, but look forward to in the near future.” What plans
do you have for tonight, if any?” Now that you mention it, Cindy, Carol and I are
going to a place called “Wednesdays” for dinner. I hear it has good French fries.
She smiled. I love French fries and milk shakes too. I’d love to go. What time are
you guys going to meet? Could you tell me how to get to this place? I pulled my
school campus map out of my backpack and drew a line showing her the best
way to the restaurant. The plan was to meet at Wednesdays at 6:30PM.
At 6:00PM I headed over to Wednesdays to meet my three new friends.
Since the restaurant was so close I decided to walk. I almost ran while thinking
about my night ahead. How excited I was that I not only met these new girls on
the first day of school, but I also like all of them right away. Wednesday’s
restaurant was only about a quarter of a mile from the school campus. I needed
the exercise, so I didn’t complain about the walk. It wasn’t a long walk at all, not
even a mile. Anyway, this is what Ms. Buff would recommend. She mentioned in
class today that to help us stay healthy, we should try to do some form of
exercise for at least 30 minutes at least three times a week. Fifteen minutes
wasn’t going to be much, but it was better than nothing, I figured.
Judging from the appearance of the outside of the building, it was
definitely a hole in the wall. It was a store front restaurant next to a juke joint. I
could see the smoke coming out of the bar next store. The sound of outdated,
rock’ n’ roll music blared as I approached. I hurried into the restaurant before a
man exiting the bar could see me. A lady gave me a smile as I entered the room.
She put her finger up as if to say wait one minute. I looked around to see if I saw
my friends. While scaling the area I saw a room full of booths. Some were red,
some black, and some green. The floor was black and white checkered and the
walls were painted yellow. It appeared to have been decorated in a diner fashion
but became outdated as time went on. The smell of fresh French fries lingered in
the air. XxxA tall, slender woman with flashy, red hair motioned me to sit in one
of the green booths in the far left corner. “Hi, you must be a new freshman here
on campus? she said. I can tell you new ones a mile away,” she grinned from a
mouth full of yellow colored, false teeth. As she spoke the dentures wobbled
around in her mouth like they were about to jump out and bite me. I smiled
sheepishly, trying not to stare at the choppers. Yes ma’am I’m new here, a
freshman I mean. I’m meeting my new friends here. I looked down at my new
Timex wrist watch. Mom had given it to me the day she and Dad dropped me off
at the administrative building, where I had to register. Almost 6:30. I’m early. I
usually was. My parents pressed that issue, time. They used to tell me that the
early bird always catches the worm. “I’ll be back when your friends get here to
take your orders, OK. The French fries are the best in town,” Rose said, at least
that is what her name tag said. As I waited for the time to pass I viewed the
restaurant and the people in it. The booths were placed all around the edges of
the large open room. In the middle were round tables covered with black and
white tablecloths that matched the checked décor. There were tiny wall lamps
sitting over individual miniature juke boxes at each booth. At each booth and
table sat salt and pepper shakers that were small Coke bottles. Everythingincluding the pictures on the walls, and the waitresses’ uniforms were fashioned
after the 1950’s theme. Black and white stripe blouses were tucked into white
fluffy, knee length skirts adorned with poodle dogs made of felt and cotton balls.
They either had big hair or ponytails with ribbons. They wore red bobby socks
with black and white oxford shoes. I thought about the old saying you can't judge
a book by its cover. The outside of this place may have left a bit to be desired,
but the inside was much better. It was very clean and neat. The waitress was
nice too, even if her teeth made me laugh.
Most of the tables in the center floor were occupied with noisy, hungry
college students. I thought about those dorky guys I saw in Science class. I
hoped that wasn’t all this school had to offer in the line of boys. Although I knew
that this college thing might be difficult I still wanted to have some fun. My
stomach started growling, so I looked around for the menu. At my booth on the
bottom part of the miniature juke box were little pages designed as the menu.
After each food item there was the title of a song you could play on your
individual music machine. I thought this was a clever idea. Just as I was about
to look at the menu and view the songs to see if I knew any on them, I heard a
voice say, “Hi Cathy.” It was Cynthia. She was the first to arrive. It was almost
6:30. This is some kind of place. Cool. At first I was sort of scared to come in.
Did you see all of that smoke coming from that place next door? I’m glad this is a
no-smoking institution. It is, isn’t it? She said as she looked around. Oh, look
over there, Cat; it’s OK for me to call you Cat isn’t it? There’s a sign that says No
Smoking. Thank goodness. I’m allergic to cigarette smoke,” she declared. “I
don’t care for it myself. Cindy and Carol should be here any minute. I can’t wait
for you to meet them. Hey, I’m fascinated by the fact that all of our names begin
with a ‘C’, and we all have the same Algebra class at the same time. Isn’t that
cool!” In my heart I thought God really does have something to do with this.
Carol and Cindy pranced into the restaurant arm in arm chuckling as
they sat down in our booth. “I see you girls are getting to know each other
better,” I pronounced smiling. That’s good, cause I have someone else real nice
for you to meet, and guess what she’s in our Algebra class too. This is Cynthia.
What is your last name, Cynthia, so that I can introduce you officially,” I asked
her. ^^^ "Harris, Cynthia Harris. Don’t you guys look at me so weird. I know it is
a common name, but I didn't pick it okay." We all laughed. “Well everyone this is
Cynthia Harris. There, I introduced you properly.” "Well, hi there Cynthia; it is
nice to meet you," Cindy said, followed by, “Yeah a pleasure to meet you” from
Carol. Just then the waitress walked up. She asked us what we wanted to drink.
Cindy went first “I’ll have a Sprite." Then Carol, “Coke for me please. “I'll just
have an
xxx unsweetened ice tea.” Cynthia ordered a Diet Coke. For dinner we all
agreed to try their famous French fries. Cheeseburgers seemed only fitting to go
along with the fries, like peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. Rose, the
waitress returned with our beverages, took our orders and shuffled away with
pad and pencil in hand. I opened the conversation with chatter about high
school. ### “I remember my first day of high school. I was so nervous about what
it might be like. I can remember the way it felt to step onto that yellow school busand how time seemed to fly by before we were pulling up into the high school bus
zone for drop-off”. “Me too”, said Cynthia. Carol and Cindy chimed in with a nod
as if to agree exactly. “It was kind of the same feeling today, only without the
yellow school bus,” I said smiling. “Well my first day as a freshman in high school
was not that bad,” said Cynthia. My brother was a senior football player at the
time so everyone basically knew me from day one. He, being popular and all,
made it easier for me to fit in, at least with the people who weren’t jealous of his
success.” “How neat”, said Carol. “Yeah, way cool Cynthia,” Cindy sounded.
“So what about you guys? What was the best part about the first day of high
school?” I say. “Everything,” says Cynthia. “I especially liked the way my brother
Todd’s football buddies kept acknowledging me. Ha,ha. They weren’t all that bad
looking either. I remember thinking that high school wouldn’t be so bad.” We all
chuckled. “Well, besides the fact that I was late to almost every class because I
got lost, it went okay, said Carol. I remember being too scared to ask any upper
classman for directions. You know how they can tease the freshmen. I basically
winged it and ended up late. The teachers understood, thank goodness.” “Well,
I,” said Cindy, “had the best outfit a girl could have for my first day of high school.
My mom took me to Gap and I chose a long blue jean skirt, white oversized
button down oxford shirt, and a red mohair fur sweater to wear over the white
button down. I wore black leather boots that went up mid calf. I loved that outfit. I
must have worn it at least three times a month. How funny, huh? Me and my
clothes. I haven’t changed much since then.” We all laughed leaning towards
each other as if trying not to fall out of the booth.
XxxTime seemed to pass so quickly while the four of us sat munching on our
hamburgers and sharing stories about our high school days. I looked at my
watch. Almost 9:00 PM. Well, it’s time to go. Out of the window I could see the
tree branches wavering in the wind. People were walking toward the juke joint
next door. I knew that in a little while the sound of loud, rock and roll music,
laughter, and mumbled chatter would begin, and probably go on until wee hours
in the morning. We were college students. No time right now for such fun. We
had to study and had classes to attend early in the morning.
xxx Buzz…the alarm clock sounded in my left ear. I thought I was dreaming
when I rolled over in my bed to turn it off. A glimpse of sunshine peeked through
the large bay window of my dormitory room. I squinted my eyes to block the
warm light. I grabbed for my eyeglasses. I was blind as a bat without them. I
kept promising myself that one day I was going to get brave, and try contact
lenses. In the meantime, these large, oval shaped, burgundy spectacles would
do. “At least they match everything, honey,” Momma would say when I whined
about how ugly they were. “One day, Momma, I’m going to get rid of these
glasses. Then I’ll be pretty like you,” I used to tell her. I pulled myself up to the
side of the bed, and looked around the room. It was a pleasantly decorated
spacious area. Everything from the wall décor and antique wood furniture to the
plush rug under my feet blended nicely with the university’s Gothic style of
architecture. Draperies made from quality fabric hung at the massive, arched
windows. %%% I am so glad my roommate and I take interest in décor;
amateurs would not have done this gorgeous architecture and furniture anyjustice. We talked so much before we moved in and coordinated everything so
well! Her parents must not be hurting for funds either. I found my amazing rug at
Macy’s, and I picked up one for my roommate, Doreen, too. We both love pink.
The draperies were Doreen’s idea and one of her contributions to the room, and
their fuchsia color blended so well with the lighter pink rugs I’d found. The pieces
of art were so fun, meant for a dorm room. One of them had polka dots all over it
in every shade of pink. Another was 3-D and made out of a fuzzy material; it was
a big picture of a flower, each petal a different bright color. The room was bigger
than all of the dorm rooms I’d visited at other colleges, which I am so happy
about. It was difficult enough having to share a room with someone for the first
time. It was bizarre that I could see my roommate’s every move and see her, a
complete stranger, so clearly from my bed. xxxI looked over to the right at
Doreen. She was still snuggled up clutching her pink comforter. “Is it time to get
up already? It seems like we just went to bed. What time is it?” “It’s 6:30 in the
morning. I’m sorry if I woke you. I thought I had that little clock set on low. But I
guess not, or you are a light sleeper.” Rubbing her eyes she said, “I believe
that’s it,” she smiled. “No bother, thanks, Cathy, I needed to get up anyway. I do
have a problem getting to class on time.” “My dad believes in that old saying, the
early bird catches the worm. Do you want to use the bathroom first? I have a
couple of math equations to finish before class. Go ahead, you go. “Doreen
scurried out of bed, and went straight into the restroom. She was so concerned
about the time, that she didn’t waste a minute. I grabbed my notebook from the
desk in front of the window, and proceeded to do my necessary class work.
Math was my weakest subject. I planned to ask Cindy to meet with me for
tutoring. Math was her best subject. About twenty minutes or so passed when
Doreen came out of the restroom drying her hair with a towel. “My, is this a
wonderful room. This place must have cost a fortune to build. Would you take a
look at this furniture? I feel like I’m in a palace.” “Yes, I thought the same thing
when I opened my eyes this morning.” “Did you know that this school has quite a
history?” Doreen asked. “You can tell me about it later. I’m not trying to be
rude. It’s just that the time is slipping away, and we need to be on our way.” She
turned up her mouth a little, and said, ”Yes, you’re right. I’m trying to work on
that getting to places on time myself. Thanks, Cathy.” I hated to get up from the
desk, because for a few minutes I was really enjoying the scenery outside the
bay window. I could see gardens everywhere around the campus. They were
filled with various perennials and shrubs. Our dormitory room had a great view.
%%% I grabbed a trail mix Nature Valley granola bar, my favorite, and
rushed to the front of my building. The campus bus I needed to catch was pulling
off just as I reached the door, so much for being early. I decided I just didn’t feel
like walking; I hate smelling like that outside smell first thing in the morning. I
glanced at my watch; I still had fifteen minutes to spare. At orientation they said
the buses ran every five minutes in the morning. Good- just enough time to pull
my curly black hair into a decent ponytail. My outfit was pretty cute today. I
decided to wear one of my short dark denim skirts with a gorgeous pink strapless
baby doll shirt. I bought outfits for the entire first week of college. Although I
wish I didn’t wear my awful glasses, I think I am okay enough as far as looks areconcerned. My complexion is perfect to me, not too pale and not too tan. My mom always tells me I have a great shape. I guess I do have a coke bottle figure. I told myself I would stop hiding it once I began college. Within five minutes, the next bus screeched to a stop in front of me. There
were already some people standing up on the bus. I carefully stepped up onto the bus and secured my position, holding tightly onto the bus rail and taking my stance, with one foot a little in front of the other. Oh how I would hate to fall or bump into anyone on the second day of school. I do not know enough people yet for that utter embarrassment. As the bus barely missed a curve, I bumped into a handsome guy with a great smile; I didn’t mind that a bit. ### He looked down at me with a wonderful grin as if to be laughing inside at how clumsy I appeared. “Sorry about that,” I said. “No problem. It’s okay,” he replied. “It’s Michael, and yours?” I almost fell when I realized he was talking to me. “Cathy…Cathy Stevens…” He laughed this time at how I clearly appeared to be nervous. “You okay Cathy?” “Yeah, why do you ask?” “Just making sure.” I smiled, a little embarrassed. He obviously was a part of the football team being that he wore a UC football jacket. He stood about six foot high and had dark brown hair and green eyes. As I looked him over I noticed he had a Science book in his book bag. I proceeded to ask him what time his class was, being that I took Science as well. He surprisingly said he was in the same class as I was, Mr. “Cutie Pie” Lynberg’s, so all the girls think. I didn’t even notice him yesterday since all I could do was daydream for the entire hour. I remember seeing the nerdy guys but not him. This was such a coincidence and a good one I might add. We continued to talk about that and how our school week was going so far. He was a junior who got a scholarship in a town not far from Chicago. He was a great football star back home and they were proud of his accomplishments so far. The time went by so fast that I hardly realized we were at our stop in front
of the school. “Well it was so nice to meet you, Cathy Stevens,” he said, grabbing tightly to his book bag. “Hope to see you around.” “Me too Michael. “Well I’ll see you in Science class.” “I look forward to it,” he said brisk fully walking away from the bus. What a wonderful way to start a seemingly rushed day. Now it was time to get back focused on the matter at hand, my Algebra class, which I was about to be late for. This is the second day of this class, where I met my newfound friends.